Monday, April 30, 2012

HCG Drops Side Effects

HCG Drops Side Effects

Why We're Fat and How The HCG Diet Can Combat That

Losing weight is a battle that everyone has, especially those from the United States. With fast food restaurants on the rise, and the stress that American living puts on people, it's an unfortunate event regarding obesity.

Everywhere you go, people are eating. It's a fact of life that you just can't stop eating otherwise, you'll eventually die of starvation. Nowadays, there are more people eating unhealthy than ever before, and it's more evident here in the United States. It's very unfortunate, but at the same time it's a fact of life and it's something that we need to bring to everyones attention.

The HCG Diet can help you to lose weight, and it's very effective.

All Types Of HCG Diets & It's Truth

HCG Drops

The HCG Diet has been something that many people are going crazy over. Everything from the famous HCG Drops, HCG Injections and even the shots are some of the most common ways of losing weight.

HCG Drops Side Effects

Unfortunately out of those Diet Methods that I mentioned, HCG Drops is the only method that does not work at all.  First, the drops are combined with an extremely low-calorie diet. The injections use the same similarities however here's the biggest misconception: You simply cannot lose weight or have an increase in HCG by just eating candy! Many people think that by dropping something in your mouth such as the drops, you're going to just lose weight.

These are called Sublingual HCG Drops - which are placed under the tongue - however they simply do not work. Injections on the other hands, or shots, are those that are given to you that require medical approval. There are a few places online that sell these injections, a good source is

HCG Injections

Unlike drops, it's counterpart - injections, works very effectively. By injecting real HCG into your body, you are feeding it a constant and steady supply of energy. You'll stop feeling tired, hungry and weak. Normally when you're on a diet (without HCG of course) your body and metabolism starts to slow itself down to avoid starvation. With HCG Injections you are giving your body what it wants while dieting, and that's all of the great supply of energy and nutrients in order to lose weight effectively.

Don't be the guy (or gal if you're a woman) in the picture above. I've effectively lost over 50 pounds on HCG Injections.